20 Mar 2014

It may seem cold and wet out there these days, but in a very short space of time the spring will be upon us and all gardeners will be bursting with the optimistic enthusiasm it brings. There are ways to get a jump on your garden this time of year, saving yourself all sorts of hard work down the road.  Plants that are dormant are hearing the call right now and if you want to transplant this would be a good time to do it.  What most gardeners know is that transplanting can be a little traumatic for the plant in question and as we all should know trauma can cause a setback in development.  One way to minimise this, is to do it gently and quietly whilst the plant is dozing in the cooler soil.

One thing a plant will do under stress is to send a lot of its stored nutrients downward toward the roots in order to help repair the damage of transplanting.This process is slowed to almost nothing if done during the dormant period and the plant reacts less to the shock of transplanting.  It is also finding there is a good water source beneath it as the evaporation is minimal to nought during late winter months,all of these factors contribute to a healthy recovery of said plant ensuring healthy bouyant growth for the spring and summer.  It has the added bonus of being able to require less maintenance than a plant that was transplanted later in the spring or early summer. All in all, if you are wanting to undertake larger transplants or divide existing pants then seize the day when the weather is right and you will be well rewarded by the summers growth. And for those who have waited till the end of winter to prune, we will be offering classes in the next few weeks.

Till next time, happy times ahead,



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