13 Sep 2013

Sowing, Growing and Mowing

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If you have been looking to increase your lawn area or simply create a new one, this is a great time of year for sowing grass seed. There are many reasons to create a lawn right now and it is simple to do. If you prepare your lawn with a good topsoil mix, preferably one with sand and some kind of fertile medium such as well composted fine manure,then you have the base for a thriving sward that will stay green throughout the winter. If you sow now and keep the seeds moistened you will likely be mowing by the first week in October.

Whilst it is a good idea to mow lightly at first, meaning that cutting a little off on the first cut, it is also worth noting that the vigour in the growth at this time, combine with the warmth of the soil and the evening moist air, will ensure the lawn will need regular cutting through the month of October, or at least until the first frost.

When watering the seed make sure that you do not flood the ground otherwise the seed will wash into the pools and uneven germination will be the result.

A lawn is not everybody’s cup of tea, but it makes a fine recreation area that requires simple regular maintenance to keep green and usable.


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