29 Aug 2013

Did you like how your garden turned out?

It’s the time of year now, and, for the next 2 to 3 months, that you will enjoy the garden you created. It’s also the time when the garden has lost its initial spring verve and is looking suspiciously like it may not have another flourish before things die down.  If this is true for you, then it maybe time to look toward what you may want to change for next year, ensuring continued enjoyment.  I have a basic belief that gardens are forever evolving, and I design mine with that concept in mind.  However, I also know, quite well, that you can get it wrong.  Some time down the road, after a steady invasion of a particular plant, or the early demise of something that defined the garden can leave you felling tattered and wanting.

Take a deep breath and give up the idea your garden is self governing!  Realize in all healthy pursuits; its about give and take.  It might be that you want rid of the ugly, misplaced or dying shrub, but you are not sure how to deal with it.  I say let it go for another month or two and spend your time enjoying the attributes, whilst imagining what the possibilities would be with a few minor adjustments.

I have found that in a rash impulse to have something new in your garden, it may have changed to accommodate it.  Also, possibly changing the maintenance needs, costing you time, energy and money!  

A final thought to hold onto: Your garden is your own personal outdoor space. For those of you who are enjoying the late summer garden, with a sense of calm and accomplishment,  I say: “well done and keep on doing what you’re doing.”  Make you improvements after you have creatively and logically thought through the year’s plantings!




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