14 Nov 2013

I Was Strolling Through the Park One Day

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Actually, I  was up in the great rainforest coast in BC this last week,which, by the way, is why I am  writing my piece late.   As I was visiting this beautiful space it came upon me that one of the reasons I garden is because of the sheer wonder of nature; how it works so seamlessly within itself.  Moreover, how each and every plant cooperates with the ecosystem  in order to make the perfect garden, seemingly without any effort or invasion. The ground does not have a bare space and the moisture content is regular even in the dry season.

The health of the plants are only interrupted by foreign interference, usually physical but sometimes chemical.  It is true that we are invaders of our own ecosystem and interfere rather than intervene.  However, it is also true that given a period of absence, of our presence, the ecosystem quickly and miraculously returns to its old ways, providing itself, once again, with perfect conditions within which to thrive.  I notice there are no bare spaces where things can take over and choke out the natural scheme of things, birds, plants and animals all conspire to make a healthy forest.

In passing through roadsides of a once clear cut forests there was a real sense of how things work to recover from the wound of denuding. Alders had grown quickly, in order to keep the moisture at ground level whilst the slower growing trees took root, to protect the soil from runoff and hold the under story so that lower plants can grow, eventually shading out the aging alders and consuming them for food. Alders naturally provide nitrogen into the soil to help nutrify.

Meanwhile, the fungi alongside the insects and animals break down the vegetative matter providing the forest with a rich compost layer which is also keeping the moisture near the roots while the ever growing canopy provides enough shade to alleviate any evaporation.

There is so much nature is capable of repairing that it runs contrary to my conceptual understanding of the effects of human interference; giving me hope that one day I will learn how to be a real steward of the garden, working with nature not controlling her.  Just a few thoughts.

Don’t forget to remember all that is good this week,


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