19 Oct 2013

In this week’s blog I am going to discuss a few topics, for you to peruse, regarding your habitat in the outside world and what it is you may be seeking when choosing to create a garden habitat.

The very word suggests a place that one inhabits within an outside space, it very much can reflect how you see things in the greater scheme. Some people choose to have a formal neat and functional garden around their home while others tend towards a more informal and less contrived environment.  There are also those who do not care for the aesthetic value of their outdoor space and go more for the low priority approach.  Having said all of this, the space you choose to inhabit, outside of your home, is reflective of the  way you live your life.  I myself prefer the informal verging on the chaotic garden, one that renders me private to the outside world, ensuring a calmness of mind.  This type of habitat is pleasing to all beings that choose to share it and is pleasing to the eye whilst not requiring my constant attention.

If you imagine yourself able to go outside into your favorite, space ask yourself: Do I have that?; Is it achievable?; And, why do I choose this type of space? These questions will focus you naturally to how you might see yourself walking through the world and what it is that makes you happy. I am a great believer in the outdoors, whenever the conditions are manageable,don’t get me wrong I love being inside on a cold rainy day, but, even then, I want to look out of my window and be pleased with what I see out there. There are many tricks of the trade that help you achieve a comforting enjoyable space around you.  Some of these will make a small space feel surprisingly large and private; some can create the feeling of being completely transported into another world.  In the end, the space you choose to live in can be achieved with a little work but mainly a good sense of what it is you want from it.  Plantings and structures become reflections of the vast landscape of your imagination.  Because I am a gardener, I want to participate in my garden,interact and nurture it in order to fully enjoy it. I realize that not everyone feels this way and many want to simply be there without the work, good luck with that.  The last of the fall days are a superb time to be outside maybe around a fire pit in the cooler days, whichever you choose do enjoy!



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