23 Apr 2014

Yep, it’s Spring. My favorite time of the year, by far, and a time when all of the rebirth we are experiencing is accelerating before our eyes. It’s hard for us to imagine the rate of growth right now, even though we see it every year. This is because it seems unbelievable that an entire life cycle can create such outrageous beauty inside 2 seasons and then, for a curtain call, a crescendo of light and color so vivid that it boggles the mind.

Now that I have waxed lyrically and proclaimed my love for Spring it is time for us to begin our work within our private spaces. Spaces that we have worked to converge our ideas of Shangri La into one small part of the planet. It is time to sow seed plant starts, add soil ,mulch compost and amendments to the soil so as to adequately feed the garden into the fall. Maybe the space is small; maybe not so small; high maintenance; or low, depending upon your proclivity for working outdoors.The soil is warming daily and even a little hit of the cool nights will not significantly deter germination of some of our hardier varieties of plants.

Veggie seeds that will germinate outdoors include but are not exclusive to: Brassicae(most of the cabbage family), fava beans, lettuce, potatoes, beets, leeks, parsnips radish, peas, coriander, parsley, carrots and much more. Indoors, for most of the tender varieties, will give you a head start on the season for things like: tomatoes, basil, cucumber,squash, peppers, string beans, corn and many others. If you have garlic that has overwintered now is the time to feed it with a layer of compost on top (it acts as a mulch keeping water at the roots whilst the cloves are swelling). If, like me,you are eating Kale still growing from last year, and, it is going to seed, leave one or two in the ground in order for seed to set, and presto you will be able to have year round Kale. Every soil varies by region and plants that grow in these varying soil types have 2 basic needs and a host of slightly more complicated others: Water and nutrients!

When we grow a garden we expect so much from it, so it’s obvious that we need to contribute some of our personal energy, and now is the time to begin the exchange.The reward is abundance. So clean of your tools get out there and have fun. I’ll be the one singing.



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