New Location Press Release

  For Immediate Release Erin Landscapes Inc. Contact: Kristian Nason                 Kari Nason                 1822 34th St Bellingham, WA 98229 Phone:   360-312-4509 Email: January 1, 2019 Opening Second Location New location will offer Landscape Design, Landscape and Masonry Construction,.. read more →

Selecting the Right Company for Your Project

These past few years have seen a resurgence in construction, both structures and landscape improvements. This new demand has put a great deal of strain on an already decimated skilled labor supply. Finding the right company to work for you is just as difficult and much more frustrating than most would like to endure. However,.. read more →

The Art of Garden Design

For todays blog, I thought I would talk a little about garden design. I have been designing and building all types of gardens large, small, ornate, practical and natural to fit the need of my customers. I have taught it in college and have come to realise I have never repeated the same design. The.. read more →

The Art of Dry Stone Walls

In the early years of my apprenticeship, in England, I was given to a waller to train for 1 year. This is the name that refers to people who know the ancient engineering principles and practices that make dry stone walls (walls without mortar). It has been known for centuries that mortarless walls are super.. read more →

Frolic in the Spring

Yep, it’s Spring. My favorite time of the year, by far, and a time when all of the rebirth we are experiencing is accelerating before our eyes. It’s hard for us to imagine the rate of growth right now, even though we see it every year. This is because it seems unbelievable that an entire.. read more →