31 Jul 2013

Best Practices for Preparing Your Garden for Winter

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Thank you for visiting our new weekly blog post.  The goal of this new publication is to teach, inform, and hone your skills.  Gardening is important for many reasons: sustainability, beauty, hard work, and a strong connection with the spiritual qualities that connect us to the planet, we all call home, are important and necessary.  At Erin Landscaping & Masonry, our hope is you use these tips to improve your skills, but, most of all, we hope you have fun!!!

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Although the heady days of summer are feeling like they might be here for a while (and they might).  It is still a good ides to sow seeds for the winter crops in your vegetable garden.  Things like cabbage and all of the brassica’s (cabbage family) plus new crops of lettuce, kale, carrots, and beets.  Kept watered, these should provide late crops into the cooler months.  Watering and water conservation is the order of the day, and these drier months means your plants are stressed.  Evaporation happens far slower if you mulch around plants, leave no bare earth.  Ground cover crops are perfect for water preservation and mowing the grass less frequently and higher than in the spring, helps keep your lawn from drying out or browning.  One last application of fertilizer can be applied to all growing plants now, make sure the plants are watered immediately after fertilizing. Anything that is yet to flower can have a potassium and phosphate rich fertilizer.  I highly recommend using organic options, they are always best and produce healthy plants for a much longer duration than the instant chemical applications.

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